How to Get the Most from Your Security Patrol Services in Houston

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There are few better investments you can make into your business than hiring security patrol service.  Security guards protect your property, deter criminals from trespassing, and bring a real sense of security to your customers and other guests.  Security companies in Houston can easily pay for themselves and are far more effective than camera surveillance alone.

That said, having made this investment into the safety of your property and workforce, you want to make the most of it!  Even after you’ve hired security patrol services, there are things you can do to ensure they’re always offering you the best in protection.

3 Ways to Get Maximum Value from Security Companies in Houston

  1. Independently verify their certification and training

Most security companies in Houston are totally above-board… but there are always exceptions.  It’s a good idea to check into their credentials for yourself.  All reputable security companies will be happy to share the details of their licenses and certifications, and the bodies issuing those documents will likewise be happy to verify their authenticity.

In particular, if you’re hiring armed security guards, you want to make sure their carry permits are current – and periodically double-check to ensure they’re maintaining those permits.

  1. Do periodic spot tests

Who watches the watchmen?  You do!  It’s a good idea to periodically have someone check up on your security guards.  Whatever their schedules or patrol system is, make sure they’re sticking to it.  This is especially important on night watches.  Dull evenings are the times you most want your security guards active and alert since that’s exactly when trouble might strike.

Also, if they know you’re checking up on them, they’re less likely to slack off.

  1. Keep in close contact with your case manager

Good communication makes for good guards.  No matter who you hire for security patrol services, you should get a case manager or other liaison whose job is to help develop security plans for your premises.  Don’t be hands-off.  You should be frequently getting in touch with your liaison, discussing potential problems, reporting any issues with the guards, and generally keeping them appraised of the situation.

In particular, if there are any special events or other exceptional circumstances coming up, make sure they know!

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