Explore the Locations Security Guard Companies Operate in Texas

February 25, 2019 Category:

Your Texas company might be considering security guard services to protect your assets and ensure your staff remains safe within their roles. But before choosing security guard services companies in Texas, it might be beneficial for you to learn more about the various areas in which security teams operate.

In this latest post, we’ll explore the locations that commonly utilize security guards to increase the safety of their property.

Shopping malls

If you operate a shopping mall, it might be a good idea to consider consulting security guard companies in Texas about round-the-clock guard services. While incidents in malls might be rare, having a qualified professional on-hand to deal with issues related to theft and confrontations can help ensure the mall remains protected. The presence of the guard can also re-assure shoppers throughout the day and prevent incidents of theft.


Unfortunately, threats exist throughout local neighborhoods and children must be protected against such threats. Companies in Texas are now training security guard teams in how to interact with children. Security guards are often posted outside of main school entrances to ensure any threat is quickly spotted, assessed and mitigated. The process reduces the potential threats children face each day and means they can enjoy their time at school with friends in complete comfort.

Financial institutions

Beyond the traditional use of armed guards to transfer money from banks to other businesses, financial institutions now require additional levels of security for their buildings. It’s why many of the local banks across Texas are employing full-time security guards. The security guard can work at the front door to welcome bank customers and also work within the bank as a person who can access the safe. Having a security guard within the bank greatly reduces instances of robbery and shows customers the bank’s commitment to their security.

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