Choosing Between Armed & Unarmed Security Guards

March 26, 2021 Category:

If you don’t know whether to choose unarmed or armed security guards for your business, here are the main differences between the two and which is right for your security needs.

Armed vs. Unarmed Guards

The first thing you’ll need to do when deciding exactly which type of guard to hire is understanding the difference between the two.

An armed security guard is armed with a firearm at all times and provides the highest level of security available. They also offer the highest level of training and experience and can handle almost any emergency, including violet situations. Unarmed security guards do not carry a firearm, but provide a great level of security and work as a big deterrent for potential crime and theft. Unarmed guards can still diffuse situations and are great for emergencies.

What Do You Need Them For?

Now that we have covered the difference in guards, the next thing to consider is what are your needs and security risk level? For example, do you own an expensive jewelry shop or a business with cutting-edge technology? If so, the risk of theft is much higher for those businesses.

If you do have a higher-risk business, it is highly recommended that you hire armed security guards to protect your property. If you own a business or property that might not be deemed as “high risk” you might not need the absolute highest level of security. Often, just the presence of a guard will be enough for many businesses or buildings.

You can always reach out to a security company like MP Security to understand what security options would work best for your Houston property.

Your Location

Along with the type of business or property you have, the location of it is important. If you are located in an area that is known for crime or that targets specific businesses, you need to take this into account when considering your security guard options.

Get Unarmed & Armed Security Guards Today

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