Nothing in life is ever truly safe, or certain.  No matter what precautions a person might take, even hiring a top-tier Houston security guard company, there’s always a chance that a burglar will make their way past your defenses. The first rule, of course, is to stay safe. Your own life, and the lives of your […]

When you’re researching top security guard companies in Houston, you are of course looking for highly-trained security professionals who can keep your people and your property safe.  But what, exactly, does that entail?  There’s a lot of misinformation out there about what private security guards can and cannot legally do. So, we wanted to briefly answer some […]

As you look for security guard companies in Houston, Texas, you will probably be holding them to certain standards. While this is a great way to weed out the unreliable companies, it’s important that you’re aware of the common misconceptions of security guards. Our MP Security team explores these misconceptions below. All Security Guards Are […]

As crime rates in the country continue to increase, security patrol services are becoming ever more essential for businesses of all kinds. With a security professional from MP Security, you can ensure that someone is always alert and watchful of potentially threatening incidents, keeping your property and the people within it safe. Take a look […]

Whether you’re looking to secure an office complex, medical building or vast corporate facility, commercial security services are the right investment. In many situations, they can be the difference between a safe or vulnerable property, but they require the right expertise and industry knowledge. Our team at MP Security explores the situations that require a […]

Investing in security patrol services is an important part of protecting everything from businesses, people, property, and events. Although every situation is different, security responsibilities overlap in the sense that they provide comprehensive protection and prevent crime. Our MP Security team covers everything you need to know about these services below. The Role of Security […]

Your home should always feel like a safe place for your family and loved ones. If you have any concerns about your home’s safety, it’s important you speak with qualified security guard companies in your local Houston community. Today our MP Security team are highlighting some great ways to keep your home safe. Home Safety […]

How safe is your building against potential security threats? What is your plan to manage threats to your property? Our team at MP Security help companies protect both their property and their staff. Reasons You May Require Commercial Security Services There’s an Increase in Crime You may find that the level of crime has increased […]

Security companies are crucial in protecting people and property. They can ensure your building is safe and your team is ready for any business challenge. But what is the day-to-day role of Houston, TX, security guard companies? Our MP Security team has the answers for you in this new post. Four Ways A Security Guard […]

How can you tell if your security team is effective? What are the signs that your investment in professional security is offering returns? Today, we’re exploring the signs that your Houston private security force is effective in their role. They come in early and stay late Knowing the security force is committed to the role […]