Are Random Security Patrols Effective?

April 19, 2021 Category:

There are tons of reasons why people might think random patrols are a good option. Maybe you just want someone to check on your property once in a while overnight, or maybe there have been a few reports of theft or vandalism in your area. There are many perfectly valid reasons why you might want to tighten your security, however, it’s important to make sure whether or not security patrol services are actually what you need.  

Challenges with Detection

When it comes to security patrol services, the nature of having guards offsite means there will inevitably be some challenges when it comes to detection. This is why any site which has patrols as opposed to stationary guards should also have an in-depth security system monitoring the premises. It’s also important to work with your security company to ensure that patrol guards are changing their patrol patterns consistently so that any potential thieves or vandals in the area aren’t able to adapt to regular patrol patterns.  

Supplementary Deterrence Mechanisms

Another potential challenge that might arise from security patrols is deterrence. When security guards are consistently onsite, they provide a clear and present deterrence mechanism for any unwelcome visitors. Without guards onsite, it’s important to make sure there are ample supplementary deterrence mechanisms to compensate for this- particularly things like motion sensor lights, up to date video cameras, thorough alarm systems, and even physical barriers like heavy-duty locks can also provide huge deterrents while a guard might be somewhere else for patrol.  

Support with Response

If there are issues that happen on-site while your patrol service is off-site, it’s important to ensure you have your response procedures thoroughly planned out. If you have concerns about needing immediate response due to highly expensive equipment or other on-site materials, then opting for more permanent security might be a better option. If you do opt for security patrol services, then it’s important to ensure you and your hired security company are on the same page when it comes to response, and that they are looped in with your alarm monitoring systems as well in case any issues were to arise.

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