9 Surefire Tips to Hire a Good Security Company in Houston

October 20, 2018 Category:

With so many security companies in Houston to choose from it can be tough to weed out the good from the bad. And when it’s a matter of protecting your property, you definitely want to make sure you hire a reputable business.

Our team at MP Security has listed 10 surefire tips to ensure you hire a good security company that you can trust.

  1. Look at their experience. Focus specifically on projects that are similar in focus to yours.
  2. Review how many years each company has been in the business, their past performance, and past clientele. And don’t focus too much on big names – the quality of their work is more important.
  3. Visit websites and take note of the ease of navigation, the content, and the “About Us” sections. That last one is the most important – a lack of information is a red flag.
  4. Ask about information relating to professional associations that the company’s management team is connected to. Serious companies will be associated with ASSIST and the Texas Bureau of Private Security.
  5. Ask and review each company’s marketing materials, such as capability statements and brochures.
  6. Request insurance levels – 1 million in general liability is the minimum.
  7. Review experience in management and executive leadership.
  8. Examine each private security company’s social media accounts and note reviews, content, followers. Be sure to look at Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  9. Ask about guard training programs and make sure they include observation, reports, communication, use of force, arrest law, tort law, incident management, constitutional law, criminal law, bomb identification, and evacuation.
  10. Look at pricing last, after you’ve taken everything else into consideration. This is important – cheap pricing is tempting, but it’s not as important as quality work.

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