Security patrolling can be one of the primary duties of a security guard. Frequent patrolling of a property and/or building allows guards to monitor any unusual activities or suspicious people well within time and avoid safety breaches.

In this latest security post, we’ve highlighted everything you need to know about security patrol services.

Why Get Patrolling Services?

Knowing that there are trained professionals patrolling your property and ensuring your safety can provide peace of mind. Security guards are trained to confront even the most challenging of situations and ensure your safety. They can quickly respond in times of emergencies and are well-equipped with the knowledge on how to proceed if something does take place while they are on duty.

Eligibility criteria to be Patrolling Security

Being a security guard usually requires a high-school level of educational qualifications, but can be done without that as well. Mainly, a patrolling security guard needs to be trained to provide quality security services. They also need to be well-versed with the company policies and rules on different kinds of activities and breaches and take action accordingly.

In case any additional skills are required, companies usually arrange on-the-job training sessions for security guards.

  • Security patrol services can be carried out in a few different ways, such as:

On foot: A guard can walk around the perimeters of the space to ensure that everything is in place. This is called foot patrol. If they come across any trespassers while patrolling, they can take immediate action. Records and reports can also be maintained while conducting patrols on foot.

Vehicle Patrol: In the case of larger areas like malls, huge residential complexes, stadiums, etc., foot patrol might not be feasible. Thus, security guards conduct their regular checks on some kind of vehicle.

Virtual Patrol: Surveillance, especially in larger areas, can also be done remotely through monitoring equipment like cameras and drones.

The Procedure of Conducting a Security Patrol

A security guard should keep the following in mind while conducting a patrol:

  • Be discreet. Your presence should not alarm the perpetrator.
  • Always be connected to the other guards through communication devices (when applicable).
  • Be sporadic when deciding the timing and route of patrols to avoid criminals aligning their moves with your set security routine.

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