You cannot always rely on your locks or amateur security cameras. You need expert security service to keep your residence or commercial premises safe and sound every moment. Having one of the top private security companies in Texas by your side will not only help you take care of your safety but also give you peace of mind that’s essential for proper functioning throughout the day.

Take a look here at all the security services MP Security offers in Houston and the surrounding areas.

Unarmed Security Guards

One of the most affordable yet powerful security services is unarmed security guards. They not only provide protection for your home or commercial space but also prevent burning a hole in your wallet. Having security guards protecting your premises will discourage most criminals. However, even if someone decides to break in, unarmed security guards from MP Security will offer complete, around-the-clock protection.


Armed Security Guards in Houston

If the worst threats are looming over you, for your peace of mind and safety, you can always choose armed security guards from MP Security. When you have trained armed security guards in Houston to protect your premises, it sends a clear message to all the would-be criminals in the area. They are also trained to act quickly and do what needs to be done for your full safety. Some of the reasons why you may need armed forces include:

  • If your place of residence or business is in a high-crime area
  • If you have received threats
  • If you have high-value items on site
  • If you are a VIP or expecting a VIP presence


Houston Security Patrol Services

When you have professional Houston security patrol services, it deters any criminals and keeps you safe. Patrol services also offer an immediate response.


Contact one of the best private security companies in Texas, MP Security!

At MP Security, you can customize the patrol services according to your requirements. We can have guards patrolling on cars, foot, and even bicycles. We also offer 24/7 response to ensure you’re safe.

To ensure your safety is properly taken care of, contact MP Security today online or call (936) 539-3777.