Online shopping continues to surge in popularity due to its convenience. While shopping online offers many benefits, it also increases the likelihood of package theft. Taking additional steps to make it difficult for thieves to steal packages is essential for property managers. Learning tips from a company providing private security in Houston is a great way to decrease the chance of your residents becoming the next victim of thieves.


Here are a few tips to remember on how to protect against package theft.


  1. Focus on Access Management

    One way to limit these incidents is to focus on access management for your property. In other words, you need to take steps to boost security, such as making sure lobby doors have locking mechanisms or consider installing an access card system for even greater security. Requiring all visitors to sign in to the property is another way to limit crime and make it difficult for criminals to steal packages.

  2. Create a Secure Package Area

    Another tip for increasing security is to designate a secure package area for any type of delivery. For example, requiring delivery drivers to leave packages at the main office or another area is much more secure than letting these packages stay at a resident’s front door. You will just need to reach out to the different delivery services to inform them of this requirement. Ultimately, putting these packages in a place that’s always being watched is a great way to prevent any of these items from falling into the wrong hands.

  3. Hire Private Security in Houston

    Sometimes the best way to prevent the theft of packages is to hire residential security guards to monitor your property. These professionals are trained on how to identify criminal activity, and they can act as a major deterrent to thieves. Placing signs on your property about the use of security guards is another effective tool in limiting package thefts.

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