When deciding what type of security professional is appropriate for your needs, it’s critical to grasp the distinction between a bodyguard and a typical security guard. They both are licensed and have special training, but security guards have a narrower activity area. Bodyguards from private security companies in Houston, Texas, are trained well beyond licensing standards to offer customers the greatest degree of security imaginable. To give you a better idea of the differences between a bodyguard and a security guard, here is some additional information.

Specialized & Advanced Training

Security guards receive basic training and certification. A higher degree of security training is required to become a bodyguard. Our bodyguards are much more than just muscle. They have received training in armed combat, weapons tactics, crowd control, and various other sophisticated abilities.

Defensive Strategy & Security

Many security guards lack the necessary training and certification to carry a handgun. This opens the door to a slew of vulnerabilities. Bodyguards employed by private security companies in Houston, Texas, are legally entitled to carry weapons, along with armed guards. They’ve had significant instruction in guns safety, tactical shooting, and firearms tactics.

Broader horizons of activity

Security guards cannot take defensive action; instead, their responsibility is to monitor and report the danger to first responders. Bodyguards from private security companies in Houston, Texas, on the other hand, can take quick protective action. Bodyguards do not have a specific job description. They assess the entire system to ensure that potential vulnerabilities are found and mitigated. The service is carefully tailored to the client’s specific requirements. When required, they may also provide CPR and first aid.

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