We all know that private security guards protect us against criminal threats and activities. But can they reduce the overall probability of crime?

Does having a guard on duty affect the chances of a criminal occurrence?

MP Security elaborates on this thought in this quick blog.

Can Having Security Guards Ensure Crime Reduction?

The short answer to this question is, yes, it can, at least to some extent.

Law enforcers like security guards are a threat to all criminals. Knowing that a certain area is guarded by security officers immediately makes it risky for criminals to break into. Thus, there’s a good chance that they’ll avoid it. In this way, the mere presence of security guards can help reduce the possibility of crime.

Can Private Security Guards Prevent Crime?

We know that this question seems almost the same as the one answered above, but it isn’t. Crime prevention and reduction are different things. While crime prevention is about reducing the severity or success of the crime that is already in action, crime reduction mainly means doing away with the very possibility of it happening.

It is a no-brainer that security guards exist to prevent crime. In fact, the prime duty of private security guards is to safeguard you and your belongings against common threats. To ensure this happens, security officers maintain keen surveillance of the area they are guarding via CCTVs and patrols. They also stay on top of any and every suspicious person or activity they notice. If a tussle or security breach does occur, they work to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Thus, through constant monitoring and quick defensive action, private security guards can prevent crime.

Common Types of Security Threats That Guards Help Avert

Some security breaches that can be avoided by hiring private security guards are:

  • Breaking up fights and resolving any security risks in places with large crowds
  • Shoplifting and pickpocketing in retail stores
  • Vandalism and break-ins
  • Trespassing and burglary on private property and construction sites
  • Helping anyone in need, such as searching for missing people/items etc.

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