Did you know that one out of all ten crimes is usually linked to garages or parking lots? Don’t worry, there is a solution: using security patrol services can help in transforming your parking lot from a crime hotspot to a safe parking place where customers can park their cars without exposing themselves to the risk of property theft from vehicles, car theft, or any other incidents.

Here are a few things that can make your parking lot more secure, and through utilizing our services at MP Security, you can amplify the security in your parking lot.

Providing an Ample Amount of Lighting

While committing a crime can be challenging, dim lighting makes it easier. By installing sufficient lighting throughout your parking lot, you can lessen the number of shadowy spots that allow criminals to lurk around in the parking lot. Bright lighting will also allow customers to park safely. Lastly, lights will allow for more CCTV footage if a robbery or crime occurs, thus simplifying the investigation process.

Patrol Guards

As mentioned above, patrol security services are one of the keys to a safer parking lot. Armed security guards can create an intimidating environment for criminals and even convince them to back off once they realize the dangers associated with their crime. Having patrol guards, on-site security, or even patrol cars can make drivers feel safer when parking their cars in your parking lot.

Install Signage

Installing signs throughout the parking lot and its premises to give drivers and pedestrians clear and concise guidance can also help prevent crimes. Clear and visible signage lets drivers and pedestrians know there’s a security presence on the premises is ideal. Lastly, installing a surveillance system also makes criminals second guess their plans due to the fear of being caught.

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