In today’s crime-infested world, hiring a security guard for your protection is quite common. From residential spaces to offices, the universal presence of security guards speaks to their importance.

What Makes an Ideal Guard?

Now that we know that the services of security guards are seemingly indispensable in today’s world, the question that arises is: What to look for in a guard?

Here are some of the top skills that every good guard should have if they work for private security companies in Houston, Texas.


It is a no-brainer that to be a good security guard, one needs to be physically fit. That being said, unlike popular belief, being fit is not equivalent to being of a certain height or physique. Any guard with good health, agility, and mental sharpness will be considered physically fit for the job.


Having a solid moral grounding is an important prerequisite for being a good security guard. The presence of a guard should not just keep you safe but also make you feel so, and the only way to achieve that is if you trust this person.

To evaluate the character fitness of a candidate, you should rely on your instincts. Spend some time with the candidate and have a chat about various security situations. It will help you judge the kind of a person they are and allow you to form a relationship in good faith.


A good security officer will not just solve active situations but will also work to reduce the possibility of crime. This can be achieved only if the guards are always alert and aware of their surroundings. Being mindful of all people and activities going on will allow them to intervene and resolve any suspicious act soon as it happens.


It goes without saying that an experienced professional will be better at meeting your security needs and expectations as compared to a newbie. So, a solid experience and knowledge base is also desirable quality in a security guard.

Manners and Empathy

A security guard is someone you will have to meet and greet every single day, sometimes several times a day. Naturally, you need a person who is presentable and well-mannered for a job like this. Additionally, there can be circumstances where a security guard might need to calm a panicked victim. Empathy is key in such situations.

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