Vigilant, well-prepared, and always ready- that is how a security guard should be. Threats can come at any time and from anywhere, thus, it is crucial for security guards to always be alert and prepared.

There are a few vital pieces of equipment that a security guard must always have on them to protect and fend off any potential security risks. We’ve listed some important security equipment in this quick guide.

Important Equipment for Houston, Texas, Security Guard Companies to Have

  • Communication Devices

Security officers guarding a large premise need to stay connected with each other to be able to keep everyone updated, call for backup, etc. Therefore it is important for all guards to carry communication devices like radio transmitters. Mobile phones are also important as they can allow officers to call the police, record evidence, etc., if and when the need arises.

  • Flashlights

Since security officers have to work round the clock and keep an eye out on all areas, there may be times when it’s dark, and they need extra light. In such situations, flashlights are an absolute necessity.

  • First Aid Essentials

A first-aid kit is a must-have for all security professionals. The job of a security guard in Conroe, Houston and Harris County carries physical risk, and thus, the need for first aid can arise anytime and anywhere. Security guards are also sometimes the first responders in case of any attacks or accidents. First aid kits can also be of use in such situations.

  • Security Gear Belt

To be able to tackle a security breach, a guard has to be free and agile. However, at the same time, he needs his essential security gear like handcuffs, taser, pepper spray, etc., to carry out their duties properly. To make both of these possible, a security officer should use a well-equipped utility belt. These belts provide quick and easy access to all tools while keeping the guards’ hands-free for movement and action.

  • Tactical Boots

Security professionals, especially those on patrol duty, have to walk around a lot. Thus, they need to always have sturdy tactical boots on. These boots are lightweight and comfortable but at the same time come with high durability. This footwear also provides good traction that offers improved speed and mobility, which is important for security guards.

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