An Unarmed Security Guard, as the name suggests, is a security officer who does not carry a weapon. One can find such guards working in all kinds of different places, from residential areas to commercial spaces and businesses.

Their main duty includes keeping an eye out for suspicious people and activities, ensuring no crime or damage happens on their designated premises, and intervening in situations that can be a security threat.

Major Duties of Unarmed Security Guards

  • Frequent patrolling of the premises to ensure that all areas are safe and secured.
  • Regulate employee and outside access to certain parts of the building to ensure that no one enters restricted and confidential areas without the authority to do so.
  • Monitoring the area via surveillance equipment to catch any unusual activity and taking action when needed.
  • Acting to prevent illegal/criminal activities such as vandalism, shoplifting, etc. Unarmed security guards usually have the right to detain the offenders and hand them over to the authorities.
  • Incidence and alarm response.

The Road to Becoming an Unarmed Security Guard


In order to become an unarmed security guard, one typically requires a high school level education. In some cases, it may be possible to become an unarmed security guard even without that level of educational qualification – but this depends on the private security company.


Training is considered to be more important than an educational qualification when it comes to being a security guard. An average training can last up to a few weeks and typically covers lessons on the duties of the position and efficient ways to conduct them. Some lessons may include company policies, prescribed emergency actions, channels of communication, the procedure to handle illegal or unusual activities, etc.

In case any additional knowledge is required, the employer arranges for on-the-job training of the personnel to make them familiar with the exact policies and requirements of the given organization.

Career and Job Hiring

To land a job as an unarmed security guard, it is vital to have a detailed resume in place that emphasizes your special skills and years of experience. Good referrals also go a long way.

You can usually apply for vacancies through your personal and professional network. Another way of applying is to work with reputed unarmed security guard companies or patrol security companies.

Unarmed Security Solutions and Careers

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