M.P Security has a tough protocol for anybody who aspires to become a part of our group. Any person who applies to become a security guard for M.P Security must undergo a drug-test, a background check. On top of that, our guards must have received an honorable discharge from any military service and have a clean criminal record. We also provide our employees with through and adept training, one that constantly updates in accordance to recent times. We encourage you to visit our TRAINING page to find out more about how M.P Security personnel are committed to protect your business. Your safety is our priority.

There are a number of responsibilities that need to be carried out by a security guard. If you are interested in reading about them, visit this BLOG POST. However, the top three responsibilities of a guard are:

  1. Being Vigilant
  2. Patrolling actively
  3. Timely reporting to events

Our security guards at M.P Security prioritize these safety procedures alongside to the others mentioned in our BLOG POST. Our guards at M.P Security are prepared to go above and beyond to make you feel safe.

M.P Security covers a wide-area in Harris County. From Conroe to Katy, we will have your needs covered, simultaneously.