Security guards are a common part of our everyday life. Be it residential areas, supermarkets, or fancy parties, you see a variety of security officers everywhere. However, even when we see guards around so often, there is not much we know about them.

How does one become a guard? What duties do they perform? How can they protect you?

There are so many things about a security guard that you should know but might not! MP Security answers a few of the most common questions we receive here.

Is There a Certain Body Type That Makes a Person Eligible to Be a Guard?

No, the seemingly must-have tall and burly physique for guards is just a stereotype. All security guards do not need to be big and bulky. In places like a bar or club where brawls are frequent, there may be a need for brawny guards, but such guards may look out of place in say, a corporate setting. Therefore, it is safe to say that it isn’t the height and physique of a person but his vigilance and presence of mind that makes him a good security guard.

Do Security Guards in Houston Need Any Special Qualifications?

Yes, they do! Contrary to the popular belief that just about anyone can be a guard, security guards need to abide by specific criteria to be eligible. To become a guard at MP Security, you’ll need your high school diploma or GED, you have to be over 18, and have your own transportation, among other requirements. Additionally, we maintain a vigorous on-the-job training process.

What Do Guards Do?

It is a common myth that guards just sit around idly and seldom work. People of this belief argue that since crime is not an everyday occurrence in certain areas, the guards of those areas just sit and have fun.

However, as mentioned, this is nothing more than a misconception! The duties of a guard are not limited to just stopping a crime or fighting once it is in action but also to preventing its very possibility. This they do by maintaining keen surveillance of the area, guarding and inspecting any suspicious person or activity they see.

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