Any sort of place is prone to danger and needs protection or supervision. That’s why it is good to hire security guards to safeguard the property from threats. However, when hiring a security guard, one of the significant issues that the business has to face is what would be the better choice according to their requirement and place.

The following guide would help you make the right choice between unarmed and armed security guards in Houston.

Difference between armed and unarmed security guards:

Armed security guards include those guards who are allowed to carry a firearm and have proper training in safe weapon handling. They have received additional training and certifications, whereas unarmed security guards are not allowed to carry weapons. Still, they protect without being lethal by using weapons like pepper spray, Tasers, or batons.

When should you hire an armed or unarmed security Guard?

Deciding which type of security guard would make the right choice depends on the type of operation you are hiring them for. Different factors have to be considered when making a choice.

If you or your business is at a higher risk and face a significant level of threat, or your business or shop or house has large sums of money or expensive merchandise, then you may require armed security guards. On the other hand, some businesses do not possess high risk and are not prone to high-level threats, like convenience stores and retail stores, etc. These businesses do not need a high level of security. Armed security guards also cost more money than unarmed because they provide more benefits.

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