Many commercial operations now require at least some form of security services to safeguard against potential threats. Schools, too, are not immune to needing the protection of security guards – both armed and unarmed guards.

So, to help, MP Security highlights some benefits of hiring armed security and how they can help protect your school and more.

Heightened Security

Armed guards pose an obvious threat to criminals. Thus, hiring armed security can be a big factor in mitigating the potential for issues. Armed guards are licensed and trained to use and carry their weapons. They can, therefore, protect you against different types of attacks. In schools, guards can help ensure the safety of both staff and students at all times.

Vigilant monitoring

Armed security guards do frequent rounds of patrolling and maintain keen surveillance of the school premises to ensure that any out-of-place activity or individual is reported and dealt with appropriately.

Reliable service

It is crucial to have well-background-checked guards in schools to avoid any security issues.

If you are hiring a guard via a private security company, you can rest assured that the guard can be trusted. These companies do extensive background checks on their personnel and ensure that only the best, most dependable people are forwarded to you for service.

Quick Incident Response

With an armed guard by your side, you don’t have to wait for the police or authority to show up before tackling and detaining a suspect. These guards are trained to intervene and curb unlawful activities in school swiftly and efficiently.

Armed or Unarmed Security Guards?

Whether you need to hire an armed or unarmed security guard depends largely on the nature of the protection you need and other factors.

While an unarmed security guard is a good choice for small businesses, if you own a business that deals in expensive items on a day-to-day basis, such as cash, jewelry, or other precious items, you may need the services of armed security personnel.

Schools can recruit both unarmed and armed guards based on their own choice.

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